How Frequently Do Military Families Have to Move?

People who are engaged in military service need to move frequently from one location to another and also their families need to adjust themselves for such frequent movement and usually they are prepared for that.

Sooner than later, military families have to become habituated to frequent relocation and postings when a member who is serving in the military gets a posting order. So, here we are going to discuss in this post how often any military families move?

If you ask me, typically, any military family needs to move after every 2 to 3 years. However, based on the specific nature of the duty of any specific military member, there can also be much more frequent movement.

In case your spouse or any of your son/daughter is going to enter the military, or if you know any family who is about to go get a posting order, reading this article can be quite useful.

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Since military personnel has to move very frequently and hence the following few things have become their part of life that they soon get accustomed to.

  • Packing their stuff again and again

As a military person, you need to be ready to pack all your stuff at very short notice. You must only have those things that are easily packable and you are able to pack them very quickly as soon as you get your posting order.

  • Get a new set of jobs frequently

Another very common issue with military people is that they get a new job again and again, which is not only quite tedious but also risky. If you fail to fully commit to the work and responsibility then you may lose promotion opportunities.

  • Children need to find new schools frequently

If any military person has children who go to school, then they need to change their schools more frequently as their parents move to a new station for their duty. Children need to quickly adjust to these changes. 

  • Must embrace the frequent changes

So, if you are a family member of any military personnel then you need to quickly get yourself accustomed to frequent changes that may come into your lives. After experiencing a few postings it will automatically get into your system.

If you are planning to move as a military family, then learn how to pack your stuff quickly and also get accustomed to working and dealing with overseas changes.

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